Cooking Demonstrations

"Embark on a culinary adventure like no other! Join us at World Orama for an extraordinary culinary extravaganza featuring a diverse array of cooking demonstrations. From the vibrant spices of Mexican cuisine to the exotic aromas of Moroccan dishes, immerse yourself in a melting pot of flavors.

Experience the artistry of great chefs, including Masterchef favourite Sarah Todd, as they showcase their expertise in crafting cultural delights from around the world. Prepare your taste buds for a feast of global proportions, all under one roof at World Orama!"



11-11.45 Joanne Heaney Pasta Carbonara
12-12.45 Joanne Heaney Crinkle Biscuits
1-1.45 Sarah Todd Prawn or Pumpkin south Indian curry
2-2.45 Sophia In the Kitchen Cooking Greek Summer platter
3-3.45 Sophia In the Kitchen Cooking Baklava- spiced Walnuts in a buttery filo pastry



11-11.45 Mantarina Wiseso Bakwan
12-12.45 Mantarina Wiseso Onde Onde
1-1.45 Sarah Todd Tandoori chicken platter
2-2.45 Sophia In the Kitchen Cooking Spanakoriso - Greek spinach risotto
3-3.3.45 Sophia In the Kitchen Cooking Warm Smokey eggplant pull apart salad

Sarah ToddIbu Mantarina

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